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Hey Anthony Here along with Mark.


You are now well on your way to have everything you need to generate more leads and sales on demand.


But there's one type of traffic source that out does all the rest.


It's Google PPC!


The only issue is that most people do it all wrong, they spend to much money for little to no results.


Generating Traffic from Google is hot. 


And when you can generate Front End sales with ease you'll Love it.  


With Adanced Traffic Training, you'll learn the secrets to tap into awesome traffic from Google Ads





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With This Upgrade, You Get Everything You Need To Generate Front End MMO Leads...

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                                  You'll get access to Kevin Fanheys Volume 23 Google Adwords PDF Checklist Guides which cover over 18 Checklists.


                                  1. How to setup a Google Ads Account

                                  2. How to Use Google Ads Keyword Planner

                                  3. Do and Don't of Google ads

                                  4. Tracking Conversions Google Ads
                                  5. Setting up Google Ads Campaign
                                  6. Strategies for Google Ads Bidding
                                  7. A guide to Ads Schedule
                                  8. Ads Search Campaign Checklist
                                  9. Google Ads Copywriting Tips to Grab Everyone’s Attention

                                  10. Secrets to Google Ads Success
                                  11. Reasons for your unsuccessful Ads
                                  12. Top Google Ads Tools for Success
                                  13. Optimizing Google Advertising Costs
                                  14. Questions to Ask Before Starting your Google Ads Campaign
                                  15. Pre-Launch Google Ads Tips you should not Miss out!
                                  16. Account Audit Checklist for Google Ads
                                  17. Google Ads Tips to Boost your Campaign
                                  18. The Ultimate Google Ads Checklist


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